Music Production in Ableton Live
This course with private individual lessons of writing electronic music
Who are these lessons for?
The course will be useful for both beginners and advanced musicians who want to start writing music, raise up their current knowledge, or need a mentor to complete their projects.

The teacher fully adapts to your experience and you get only knowledges that is interesting and necessary for you.
Here is a list of topics that we will go through
Setting up
Ableton Live
• Configure Ableton Live
• Preferences menu
• Install third-party VST plugins.
• Organize samples, plugins, projects
and folders in Live and on your harddrive
• Appearance of the program and navigation
• Saving projects
Audio clips
• Add/edit Audio Clips.
• Properties of Audio Clips
• Looping clips
• Envelopes menu.
• Warping and algorithms.
• Record Audio clips.
• Work with Midi Track.
• Built-in synthesizers (Instruments).
• Drum Rack.
• Work in Midi Clip.
• Midi Effects (Arpeggiator, Chord, Scale, etc.)
• Recording Midi Clip
• Export midi
Sound processing
• Audio Effects: EQ, Compressor, Reverb, Delay, etc.
• Audio routing and Return Tracks
• Group Tracks
• Master Track
Arrangement view,
Markers and Automation
• Navigation
• Transport panel
• Work with markers and do arrangements
• Automation
• External midi devices (mapping)
Session view
• Introduction to Session View
• Quick view to Live Performance with Ableton Live
• Work with loops
• Record mix live
Additional features of Ableton Live
• Max for Live.
• Groove Pool for audio and midi.
• Convert audio to midi.
• Work with video
• Favorites
• Project export options
• Creating a multitrack
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Music Production in Ableton Live

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